Heat and Cold Therapy for Arthritis From My Soma CareTM

Anyone who has suffered from the crippling effects of stiff and painful joints caused by arthritis knows that effective pain-relief can vastly improve quality of life. However, sometimes analgesics alone are not enough. At My Soma CareTM, we believe in the benefits of a combination of heat and cold therapies for relief of arthritis pain.

When you suffer from arthritis, your blood vessels require stimulation in order to keep oxygen flowing to the affected areas. Heat therapy can dilate those blood vessels and improve circulation. Warmth also helps reduce spasmodic pain associated with severe cases of arthritis.

When using heat to relieve arthritic pain, ensure that the temperature is never too hot. Try various levels of heat to determine your unique level of tolerance. Remember to give it time to be effective. In many cases, you should use heat for 15 minutes to ensure it’s giving you relief.

Cold therapy can also reduce inflammation and numb affected areas. Although not always the case, many arthritis sufferers prefer cold to hot therapy for their pain. When using cold for your arthritics, avoid applying ice directly to your surface as it can cause frostbite. And keep in mind that while the initial feel of ice can be uncomfortable, it will help reduce pain fast.

For treatment of arthritis, you may need to try a combination of both hot and cold therapies to determine which is most effective for you. This can require a bit of testing, but our My Soma CareTM team advises that once you find the best alternating method for you, your quality of life will improve.