My Soma CareTM on Cold Therapy for Bruises

Bumps and bruises happen to everyone. All it takes is one little jolt and you can have a stunning shiner. At My Soma CareTM, we recognize that while normal, bruises can be both painful and extraordinarily unsightly. Therefore, we recommend the following hot and cold treatments to lessen the impact of the blow:

  • What Is a Bruise?: It is damage that occurs to soft tissue beneath the skin. The skin’s surface is translucent, and so when this tissue is injured, the capillaries under the skin break and leak, causing discoloration. This is why the bruised area quickly becomes red, followed by purple and a host of other colors as the released blood is metabolized by the body.
  • How Does Cold Treatment Help Bruises?: When you have a bump or bruise, applying cold to the damage immediately can help constrict the blood flow, which in essence prevents the capillary leakage from spreading. This will reduce the appearance of the bruising, while also lessoning the pain of the injury.
  • Using the RICE Treatment: To minimize the injury, the RICE treatment is extremely effective (rest, ice, compress, elevate). Rest the injured body part and apply Ice immediately after the injury, with more cold packs applied for 10 to 20 minutes three times daily. Compression and Elevation are also recommended to restrict blood flow and swelling in the area. Vitamin C will help prevent bruising from occurring if you are frequently prone to these injuries.

So the next time you jam your finger in the door or stub your toe, try out cold therapy with these other home treatment methods to lessen the black and blue.