My Soma CareTM on Why Heat Therapies Work

When it comes to back pain, the team at My Soma CareTM understands the need for something effective but more natural. Sore, tight muscles can lead to discomfort. This is especially true for those with chronic lower back pain who have trouble finding a comfortable position. Heat therapy can help alleviate symptoms, with or without additional pain relief, giving you a safe solution that you can dial up or down with little risk to your health. Here’s how:

  • How Heat Therapy Works: With lumbar pain, heat helps to dilate the blood vessels in the muscles, improving circulation. This then helps to transport oxygen needed to repair the damaged tissue surrounding the muscle and reduce stiffness. Heat also stimulates the skin receptors, which lessons the pain messages sent to the brain.
  • Types of Heat Therapy: There are two types of heat therapy. Dry heat would include electric (or microwave-heated) heating pads or saunas. Heating pads can be applied directly to the source and provide relief. Moist heat is another option and includes hot or steam baths, warm compresses, or steamed towels. This type of heat can have a more immediate impact on relief.
  • When Not to Use Heat: Certain physical conditions may be aggravated by heat, such as anything related to vascular diseases (like deep vein thrombosis or heart issues). People with hypertension or diabetes may also not be candidates for heat therapy. In these cases, cold therapy may be recommended. Consult with your doctor to discuss your options.

We know all of the benefits of heat therapy and hope you enjoy finding them out for yourself, too.