Soma Care THERAPOINT Therapeutic Massage Wheel


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Used successfully in the Relief Therapy of:

· Carpal Tunnel Syndrom
· Tension Headache
· Tendinitis
· Tennis Elbow
· Golfer’s Elbow
· And many other Myofascial pain


· Hold the Therapoint in the palm of your hand – apply pressure with the thumb and index finger.
· Roll lengthwise to find trigger points – tight, knotted, and tender areas.
· Continue rolling with medium pressure for about 30 seconds.
· Stubborn trigger point may require several short sessions per day.
· Enjoy healthier muscles free of pain and tightness!


The THERAPOINT Therapeutic Massage Wheel provides the benefits of self trigger point therapy and myofascial release. It is designed to give immediate relief. Use anytime or anywhere. Lightweight and portable.


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